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So, with Facebook feeds clogging your phone and the twitter updates  running crazy; you wonder why to download yet another app on your phone. So, let us get this straight. This is NOT YET ANOTHER app. It is STUDYPAL.CO; the new name trending on app lists!

                        It is here to help you find a study partner; and sail you through the test prep!


                                                     So what can you expect?

Well, Studypal.co is exclusively meant for finding you a study partner; and with search filters ranging from Location, Test, Target date, Study Choices and to even Colleges and Offices; we bring to you a full proof algorithm to find the correct one for you. You can chat, connect and then look up for some study spot to meet up and get the whole party going! Test prep is not an easy journey and if you are planning on taking one, we are here to help you find a companion.


                                  Because, it works on the location based principle.

Like if you are in New York City looking for a study partner for your upcoming CFA; Studypal.Co will figure out your location and eventually bring to you a list of people (Both Studypals and Studygurus) tailor made for your demands. And besides you get insider tips in acing exams and access to a list of exclusive and awesome study spots in your city absolutely free!happytoffeeblog

So, what are you waiting for? If you got a test ahead; and you don’t want to tread the waters all alone, STUDYPAL.Co is the way to go!

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