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TIPS to Grace the IELTS

IELTS is probably the most convoluted test you will take in your life; given the hugely varying test patterns and questions you have to attempt. To be prepared at your very best is the only key to a top score. Though there is nothing like “FAILING IELTS”; it isn’t very easy to get the required score either. So, we bring to you a guide of 5 tips to obtain a great IELTS score and help you realize the dream of studying at an English speaking University:

1. Understand what IELTS is about

It is very important to understand the format of IELTS. It is a test designed to assess your reading, writing and spoken abilities and it is always a great idea to keep a target score in mind when you appear for the test. It will help you figure out how to proceed with your preparation.

2. Get yourself some help

NEVER prepare for IELTS alone. Getting textbook is the least you can do, and it is advisable to get a tutor or a friend for help. Prepare for the test with a group.

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3. Practice with your own methods


Movie buff? Watch English language movies with subtitles to get a track of how the language is supposed to be spoken. Your listening and speaking skills are sure to improve by tons! You can try other little tricks like speaking to your future self in English, record them and figure out the mistakes later. There is always a scope for a new method and you might as well develop something entirely new all by yourself!


4. Read , Read and Read

From developing a good vocabulary to learning the nuances of English, there is nothing like reading. Begin with children’s fairy tales if you are completely new to the language, but there is no escape from the reading. If you want to ace IELTS, you have to have a reading habit because that goes a long way during your test.


So what are you waiting for? Go and grab yourself a book and start practicing.IELTS is all about how well you understand English, and that isn’t going to be a cakewalk until you really work hard for it.

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