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3 Benefits of chocolates while preparing for exams | Studypal.co.

Benefits of Chocolates to boost memory cells

Who doesn’t love biting into a dark piece of heavenly sweetness once in a while? Chocolates are an indulgence for sure but to be honest, they are of a great benefit too. Loaded with antioxidants, a bite of chocolate on a regular basis can be of immense health benefits. Studypal.co brings to you 3 benefits of including chocolate in your diet (apart from the obvious fact that we all love it):

Chocolates boost memory cells-StudyPal

  1. Chocolates help with mathematics: The British psychologists have proved in a study that Flavanols, a class of Flavonoids present in chocolates actually help people with the mental mathematics. So, technically speaking, binging on chocolate when revising for exams may give you a real heads up while prepping for your tests.

  2. They are great for the brain: Stress tends to damage the brain cells and dark chocolate actually shields the brain cells from extensive damage caused due to hypertension. Chocolate also contains enzymes which boost memory cells in the brain.

  3. They are great for boosting up energy: A bite of a chocolate can do everything a cup of coffee does for your brain and a lot more. Laced with caffeine and sugar, a chocolate can help you with the little caffeine rush to boost your energy levels.

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