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Tips & Tricks for the CA

Karan Batra of Chartered Club gives us Tips & Tricks for the CA

  1. When and how did you start Chartered Club?   

The age old adage that most inventions arise out of necessity holds true in the case of Chartered Club as well. I myself don’t have a CA background, since I was not able to get the right guidance in my student days.

Moreover, as there is no college system in CA Course and Students only have to appear for exams, it sometimes becomes very difficult for students to get the right guidance. So, as a student myself, I had started this Chartered Club Community on Facebook 2007 with the objective of connecting CA Students with each other.

It was well received, and gradually, students of related courses like CS, CWA, CFA, CPA started joining and helping each other.

  1. What is the best way to prepare for CA exams?

Clearing the CA Exams is not only about Hard Work but Smart Work;  every year, there are certain topics that have a higher weightage than others. Although unannounced officially, students and teachers are able to guess these topics. So, a student should be aware of such important topics and prepare accordingly.

Moreover, those 3 hours in the exam hall are more important than the 3 months of study. The examiner only gives marks for what you’ve written in those 3 hours and not what you’ve prepared in the past 3 months. So, harnessing all your energies in such a manner that your concentration is at its peak is something which all students need to learn.

  1. Would you recommend studying with a partner? Study Group? And how so?

I personally feel that only a fellow student can understand the problems and psychology of another student. A student is most comfortable sharing his thoughts and exam-fears with another student. They are not comfortable in sharing such thoughts with their parents/teachers.

So studying with a partner is always beneficial as he is in the same boat as you are. Moreover, it acts as a very strong mental support.

And therefore Group Study always has its benefits. But seriousness in the group study also matters. Sometimes, when people are in a group they tend to deviate and discuss other things. Students should refrain from doing so and concentrate all their energies towards making the most of the group study.

I’m glad to note that StudyPal.co is doing a great job in helping students in finding study partners in their same region.

  1. What changes should students  know about the CA exam and the CA profession?

The CA Profession keeps on undergoing changes frequently to be abreast with the latest trends in the market. And therefore ICAI also keeps changing the course curriculum.

An interesting trend which has been noticed in the past few years is that the exam is focused more on practical application as compared to theoretical knowledge. What students learn in their articleship/internship directly has an impact on their marks.

  1. What can students find on CharteredClub.com?

Although I started Chartered Club as a facebook page in the year 2007, it was only in 2010 that I launched the website. Initially, I used to gather all information and share it with the students. But now we have a team who is working on collecting and preparing content which would be beneficial to students and will help him in clearing his exams. We emphasize on changes in the course curriculum, important topics for exams, how to score well in exams and other such exam related topics.

  1. Can you tell us more about the new look and features of the Charteredclub ?

Although our facebook fan page is a good place for students to interact with each other, the functionalities are limited. Therefore, we have started a Q&A Forum (www.forum.charteredclub.com) on our website itself wherein a student can interact with any other student.

Students not only need guidance from teachers but also from their seniors, just like StudyGurus on StudyPal.co . Through our forum, they can interact with everyone – seniors, juniors, teachers etc.

Moreover, students also face difficulties in finding the right teacher to take classes from. They usually rely on word of mouth guidance from their seniors regarding the feedback of a specific faculty. And it is usually the seniors who guide the juniors on where to take the classes from and how to study.

So, we have launched a portal (www.coachingteacher.com) wherein a student who has studied from a faculty can recommend his juniors on which subject to study from which faculty. So we invite all seniors to come and recommend which faculty is good for which subject so that it becomes easier for the juniors to decide which teacher to take classes from.

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