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Tips & Tricks to ace the GMAT

A score of 800/800 on GMAT
If you ask 100 GMAT aspirants of their target score, you’ll get less than 5 students giving an answer of 800/800. Is it impossible? No! No way, is my answer! Look at the word ‘impossible’ from a different perspective. It can be made to say ‘I m possible’.

A score of 800 on 800, in fact, has been achieved by GMAT aspirants previously. How did they do it? Did they study 24 hours a day? Did they have siblings who had already cleared GMAT guiding them? Did they have better coaching?
While the aforesaid factors like more study hours, better guidance do affect the scores of a GMAT candidate positively, the prime influence in delivering an excellent score is an excellent study plan!

A few handy tips would be for making an efficient and effective study plan would include:
• Listing down all topics to be covered in the various sections of GMAT
• Categorizing the topics to Strengths and Weaknesses
• Prepare strength topics starting from easy levels, but devoting major time to medium and hard level questions
• Prepare weak topics by devoting more time to easy questions before moving on to medium and hard level questions
• Prepare a timeline to finish off the entire course 45 days before the exam
• Revise the entire course by giving practice tests daily at the time of your scheduled GMAT exam. This will help you develop a routine
• Keep a track of the mistakes that you do in the practice tests and re-attempt those questions after the practice test
• 15 days before the actual GMAT exam stop preparing any new topics and shift your focus on developing an exam strategy based on the performance of the practice tests

Execution – The last, yet the most important, mile
So it’s exam day. Have a good sleep the night before. Take all your weapons (exam necessities) along and enter the battlefield with full confidence. In the test, the importance of executing your strategy can’t be stressed enough.
Look for the ‘easy’ and ‘medium’ difficulty questions and nail them! When it comes to ‘tough’ questions be careful in attempting the ones of your strength and which you can solve with time efficiency!
That’s a recipe enough for a so-called impossible score of 800/800 in GMAT.
Good Luck! Cheers!

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