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Studypal brings you tips to break the 700 marks on GMAT

By: Eliza Chute, from: bestgmatprepcourse.com

Many people set their GMAT goal score as 700+. This is a good benchmark since it means that you have done better than 90% of other test takers and sets you up in a good position for admittance to a top business school. Since your score is based on how well you do in comparison with others, however, not everyone will be able to accomplish this goal. If you want a good shot at reaching a 700+, then there are two things you absolutely must do.

1)Practice with the most difficult questions

The test is computer adaptive, meaning that the more questions you get right, the more difficult it will become. If you are going for a 700 or more, you will see more 700+ level questions on test day. This means you need to learn how to tackle them. While the general books and courses are good for some practice, you will likely need more. Try to seek out books like MGMAT Advanced Quant and Kaplan 800, which cater specifically to students who are aiming for a top score.

2)Build your mental endurance

Building your mental endurance is important for any GMAT student, but absolutely essential for those who want a 700+. If you are mentally exhausted by the verbal section, then your score will suffer. This is why it is important to take lots of full length practice tests, to essentially train your brain to fully concentrate for the full four hours. In order to make the best use of these practice tests, then you need to only take the 2 allotted 8-minute breaks and also complete the AWA and IR sections. I generally recommend at least 5 practice CATS, but if you want a 700+, you will probably need more. I would recommend doing them until you are not mentally fatigued during the test at all. I took 15 when I was studying.

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