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Find an Effective Study Location near You with Studypal App

Finding a new place to hang out with your beloved books is now made easy. Find the best StudySpot in your city with the all new app! Now available on the Apple Store!                       What is it about? It is never an easy task to find a peaceful place to delve into your books. You might have a room to yourself but there is no escape from the constant disturbance from roommates to parents to just plain boredom. So, we did the scouting for you and figured out the best places to study out in your city. From libraries to coffee shops to the good old parks, our experts […]

Need a tutor? Find one near you with the StudyGuru feature in the app!

Stuck with test prep?Need a tutor? Find one near you with the StudyGuru Feature in the all new raving App!                                       Find a tutor today with App Apart from helping you find a study partner; app can help you locate a tutor near you with our Studyguru feature. With search filters ranging from Location, Test, Target date, Study Choices and to even Colleges and Offices; we bring to you a full proof algorithm to find the correct help for you. You can chat, connect and then look up for some study spot to meet up and get the whole party going! Test prep is not an easy […]

Find Your Perfect Study Buddy | Study Partner – Studypal

 Why STUDYPAL APP? So, with Facebook feeds clogging your phone and the twitter updates  running crazy; you wonder why to download yet another app on your phone. So, let us get this straight. This is NOT YET ANOTHER app. It is STUDYPAL.CO; the new name trending on app lists!                         It is here to help you find a study partner; and sail you through the test prep! Finding a study partner made easy with 3 easy steps on the App :- The app is  meant for finding you a study partner; and with search filters ranging from Location, Test, Target date, Study Choices and to even Colleges and […]

Preparing For MCAT?

Places to Study in Boulder | Study in Colorado – Studypal

Studying all by yourself is an uphill task in itself and when you have tests to prep for; the whole struggle takes itself to an entirely new level. And of all things, the biggest problem remains of that of finding yourself a good place to study, especially if you’re not one of those lucky ones with the privacy of a solitary room. In the series of study spots scouting Study Pal is doing exclusively for you; we bring to you the study spots in Boulder City, Colorado. From libraries to coffee shops to just the good old outdoor locations on the sprawling university campus, here is the list of Boulder’s […]


The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) is an examination for investment professionals to a designation of the same name and is conducted by the CAIA Association. Individuals aspiring to become alternative investment professionals need to take these tests after completing their course of study to earn the designation of a CAIA. The exam is conducted in two levels and requires a high degree of precision and practice for great results. Today, brings to you tips to ace your CAIA TEST: 1. A study plan Get on paper what exactly you need to study about. Having a study plan chalked out helps you have a disciplined approach towards the test […]

Tips for Cracking CISA ( Certified Information Systems Auditor)

The exam for Certified Information Systems Auditor or CISA is notorious as a test will a very tiny pass rate and a large chunk of examinees are known to fail to crack it in most attempts. CISA is termed as one of the most difficult and toughest exams in the domain of IT Security and involves a lot of hard work on the part of the examinees. brings to you tips for acing the CISA exam and getting top scores for the same: Pay heed to the study material ISACA, the exam conducting body for CISA, provides CISA Review Material, also popular as CRM which is extremely crucial to […]

YES,music can help you ace your Tests !

It is never very easy to sit for long hours on end, trying hard to concentrate on those endlessly boring piles of books day after day without fail. It takes immense amount of willpower to continue doing so. In these cases, a few things come to your rescue, which essentially involve listening to music. The right kind of music can soothe your nerves; elevate those moods and increase your productivity. Here are 5 types of music you MUST consider while building the playlist you study with:   1. Timed tempos or repeated loops It has been proved from extensive research that listening to music with sixty or more beats per […]


A sleepless night with a cup of coffee is perhaps what study sessions are all about to many. But, there is a hoard of such super foods which are crucial to a great performance in the tests. The human body requires a balanced meal consisting of a right portion of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fluids to function optimally. And to design a diet with all of these as elements, we need to have a thorough understanding of what works best for our body. Today, brings to you a list of food items which are crucial to your test prep and can enhance your test scores: Tea Perhaps the […]

Quick tips to grace PMP