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Study Spots In Bangalore

It is a unique experience to live in a city; with all its fast paced lifestyle and unending rush. But, Bangalore is one of those amiable cities with widespread lawns and lovely weather that wins your heart over and over again. Test prep in itself requires a lot of attention and you need to simply shut out the noises while you concentrate on your studies. In a city like Bangalore, with students and IT professionals thronging every inch of the city, it is always a delight to walk into someplace serene and find your own cozy study spot. But, in case you are too lazy to do the scouting; we did it on your behalf and made a list of hideouts to escape to when you want to do some serious test prep. Here presenting a list of Bangalore’s 5 genius study spots that will blow your mind away!

British Council Library

Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Council

Situated on Kasturba road, this library is one of the most frequented ones in the city; thanks to its huge collection of books and other reference materials. You can easily carry your own reading stuff too; and sit back with your books for hours on end in a silence that is both inspiring and facilitative for better studying.

Cubbon Park
Source : http://www.travlang.com/blog/make-an-enthralling-and-amusing-trip-at-cubbon-park

A landmark “lung” area of Bangalore; this park in the heart of the city was earlier known as “Meade’s Park”. Spread over 300 acres; it is the haven for people who seek moments of stolen peace in the hectic schedule of city life. So, if you want some hours all by yourself and your books in the lap of nature; this is the place for you! Besides, chances are high that you can also access the city WiFi in most parts of the park and that certainly comes as an add on if you do studying online.

Art of Living Campus
Source : http://www.artofliving.org/bangalore-ashram/art-living-ashram-bangalore

With people coming down here from all corners of the world to drain their stresses in the serenity of this campus; it is obvious that you won’t find a quieter place in the town than this. The campus has a café open for visitors and you can tuck yourself in here with your books, laptop and other belongings here for hours ( and even days) on end without a single soul coming to disturb your quiet composure.

Cariappa Memorial park
Source : http://goo.gl/Rb06Q3

Situated between MG Road and Cubbon Road; this 22 acre park is one the perfect escapade locations in the city. Pack yourself your favourite jam sandwiches and some coffee and of course our books; and you are good to go! Indulge yourself in the beauty of nature as you dig away into your books to get some serious studying done.

DYU Café
Source : https://www.ixigo.com/dyu-art-cafe-bengaluru-india-images-photos-pictures-gallery-ne-1788452

Basically an art café, this café has a nostalgic tinge of the bygone past in its ambience. Grab your books and catch up with your studies anytime you wish to. The serenity is sure to appeal to your senses and the heavenly breakfast menu makes it an even better option to explore.

So now the list is up, what are you waiting for? There is a lot of exploration to be done and sometimes change of a study spot can do wonders. Pack your books now and get going. A new place can bring round a vibe that can be inspiring as hell. Who knows this might help you concentrate a lot better and ace your tests!

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