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Study Spots in Boston

It is not easy to find yourself a place to dig into your books. And the gravity of the situation multiplies itself when it comes down to studying for tests or any competitive exam. Exploration is the key when you need to find your very own cozy hole to study. StudyPal does the scouting part for you and brings to you a list of 5 best places to study on your own in Boston:


The Federick S.P. Management Library
Located inside the School Of Management, this happens to be one of those rare places in Boston that is eerily dead silent. Private cubicles with charging points for your laptop are an add-on. A Starbucks outlet in the building for meeting those cravings makes it a perfect spot for giving the rush a skip and settle down with your beloved books.
Address: 595 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA, 02215


Source : http://www.goodyclancy.com/projects/boston-university-school-of-management/

Kilachand hall
If you are a night-owl, the top floor of the Kilachand Hall is the perf2ect place to snug into. Large, airy study rooms and plenty of large open areas for group study sessions; it is the prodigal Boston Campus at its best. And the best part? If you could manage to stay up with your books till sunrise; you can view the breathtaking scenery of the rising sun glistening on the Charles River. It is an inspiring place to be at during your late night/early morning study sessions and secluded rooms give a good deal of privacy to the serious students.
Address: 91 Bay Street Road, Boston, MA, 02215


Source : http://www.bu.edu/housing/residences/largedorms/kilachand/

Charles River Esplanade
When the sun is delicious, and the weather is good enough for outdoor studying, the Esplanade provides the ideal study spot for the nature lovers. Grab your books, make yourself some Jam Sandwiches and settle down in the lap of na3ture to do some serious test prep.
Address: Storrow Drive, Boston, MA , 02214


Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_River_Reservation




West Campus Dining Hall
Eating alone is a stigma in our society but if you’re one of the serious ones who loves digging into your meal with a deliberate lazy pace with a book to your company, the backroom of the Dining Hall in the West Campus in best for you. You can figure out many like you sitting all alone and there will be no one judging you if you give your social circle a miss to have a date with your books.
Address: 275 Babcock Street, Boston, MA, 02215


Source : http://blogs.bu.edu/sargentchoice/2013/09/05/tips-for-navigating-the-dining-hall-marciano-commons/





Mugar Memorial Library
For those having a large study group to study with; the Mugar Library is the best place for you. The PAL Study lounge on the third floor is a great choice, and with a StarBucks working in the middle, you can al5ways let your snack craving worries take a backseat. The environment is comfortable and productive and you will find yourself and your study group working more effectively here. If you are more of the solitary kind, you can always find friends and form yourself a study group on www.studypal.co
Address: 771 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA, 02215
Source : http://www.bu.edu/sth/welcome/library/


The list doesn’t end here. Boston is a city of students, and there are many discoveries to be made. We brought to you a list that we found great enough, and as the saying goes, “there is always that one more place left to go!” So, what exactly are you waiting for? Grab your books and step out in the town. Who knows, you might find your own study spot or find inspiration from one in the list that improves your test scores like you never imagined!

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