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Secret Study Tips to Score High in Exams | Secret of Successful Students

Secret Study Tips to Score High in Exams

So, next time you come across that guy with 750+ GMAT score or that under 100 IIT-JEE ranking, you need not fret! We, at StudyPal, after talking to hundreds of successful candidates have decided to frame the secret guide to phenomenal success exclusively for our users. We bring to you the secrets of High Scores; a five point guide to score three times your current score and that too without putting in extra effort. Have a look at our 5 secrets to Higher Test Scores:



Sleeping Hours-StudyPalImage By PlayTheTunes, Source: https://playthetunes.com/songs-about-dreams
Even though your mom might be calling you lazy bums thanks to your extensively long sleeping hours; a good night’s sleep can do great wonders for your brain. So, if you find yourself hazed and unable to focus, gulp down that warm glass of milk and tuck yourself in the bed for a few hours. Shut out all the thoughts if possible and trust us, you’ll wake up with greater ability to grab those facts that were possibly teasing your brains since ages.


“There is no therapy like good food,” grins Hrishabh Bairagi, an IIT-Kharagpur student of BTech in Mechanical Engineering with an All India Rank of 378. To be honest, in all our interactions with the students who have excelled, good food comes as a common denominator as the secrets to great scores. A healthy diet not only helps in building up a healthier mind and body but is crucial for brain development too.



If you think your hobbies don’t count, you are wrong at several levels. Your brain is extensively receptive to music, and the kind of music you listen to can determine how well your brain responds to your studying. So, next time you plug in those earphones to relax yourself; do make sure you listen to the right kind of music. You can refer to our article on music choices for your convenience: *insert link to music article *


The old saying goes, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body,” and every single letter of it stands true. A lethargic body is rendered useless and it is advisable to do some exercise to keep yourself and your brain in pink of health. Stretch your arms, bend over your knees or sweat it out in the gym like a pro; choose what suits you and watch it work wonders.

Good study-group

When you find yourself a study partner who complements you, studying for tests becomes all more of a cakewalk. Having a peer group of motivated individuals encourages healthy competition and can be of immense motivational help too. If you want to locate a study partner for yourself in your area or over long distance, you can always signup at www.studypal.co and find yourself someone who complements your studying style.


So what are you waiting for? Acing the tests could be easy if you put in the right kind of effort at the right place on the right time. We worked real hard to bring to you the secrets behind every successful student and we sincerely hope these tips work for you too! Here’s wishing luck for your studies and all the tests you’re going to ace in near future!

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