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Our Studyguru of the Month for the PMP

Introducing Dan Ryan

Dan Ryan, our StudyGuru is a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P) providing PMP Exam training including the mandatory PMI 35 contact hour requirement required to sit for the PMP exam.

Besides studying with him gives you the license to access the most realistic PMP Exam test simulators on the market today which prepares the you as a student for the real testing situation besides providing detailed reporting and metrics on scoring, allowing the you to track improvements while sharing results with your tutor.

There is provision for PMP Exam tutoring and coaching (1:1 or small group) assessing students’ needs, customizing individual training plans and meeting weekly with student(s) to teach them concepts, review their progress and keep them on track to pass the PMP exam with a very structured study approach complete with milestones and targeted deadlines. He also specializes in helping PMP Aspirants who have previously failed the PMP Exam.

Dan’s Recommendations
1.How to approach towards your test prep for PMP

The best solution and resources for preparing for the PMP exam is to use a blended approach. This learning program contains 3 phases;

Phase I – Your PMP tutor provides you with a world class Learning Management System (LMS) that includes a world class set of PMP Exam prep videos that can be viewed on computers or any smart device. These classes give you 24X7 access to the material you need to know as well as satisfying the PMI 35 hour requirement.

Phase II – Your PMP tutor provides you with access to a PMP Exam simulator where you will face questions just like you will experience on the real PMP exam.

Phase III – Over a series of 5 tutoring sessions which are strategically placed across your approximate 30 day program, your tutor reviews the PMP lessons with you, answers practice questions with you and makes sure you know all the material and that you are scoring high practice test scores. This will give you the confidence that you can go to the exam testing center and pass the PMP Exam.

The Burning Question: Why PMP tutoring instead of PMP Boot camp?

A PMP exam tutor or coach focuses on the individual or small group of students providing a personalized and interactive study session where students participate actively in the class as opposed to a PMP “Boot camp”

A PMP Boot camp is a fast paced, intensive 3-5 day workshop where material is ‘crammed’ and the costs are typically very high. Students generally do not ask questions and are not invited to participate and generally do not get access to instructors after the class .There are explanation of concepts and interactive sessions instead.

So, what are you waiting for?

About Dan Ryan, MBA, PMP
Dan Ryan has over 20 years’ experience in the IT Industry. Dan has taught on the Graduate level at Dowling College and New York University in New York where he taught PMP Exam Prep, Project Management and Risk Management courses. Dan has delivered in person and virtual PMP Exam prep classes since 2011 and has developed a global reputation as a leader in one-to-one and one-to-few PMP Exam Prep coaching and tutoring. Dan has pioneered a unique, blended learning solution which although very structured can be easily configured to the needs of any PMP aspirant, regardless of what point they are in on their journey to PMP exam success.




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