Quick tips to grace PMP

Bar Exam- 5 Tips to score better

Bar Exams are tedious for sure. Long prep hours to endless exam stretching out for days, studying for Bar Exams is a job for the strong hearted. Most of you students taking the Bar exams are over stressed for sure, and to bail you out; Studypal.co brings to you 5 tips to pass your Bar Exam easily: 1. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses By the rule of thumb, do what you are good at! Basically this means studying for the Bar exam isn’t about targeting the weak spots but instead it is about working on your strengths. Figure out what you are good at and work hard on it […]

Studypal brings you an exclusive list of 5 best study spots in Delhi

Life is a never ending race in the city of hearts; and finding yourself a place in solidarity in Delhi is a huge challenge in itself. So when your roommate is getting too loud over the phone; and you don’t want to be the prodigal rude room partner by pointing that out, you can still prepare for those tests just round the corner and escape all the drama by finding the perfect study spot. We know it can be a lot difficult to figure one out by yourself, so we did the scouting for you and prepared a list of Five Study Spots in Delhi we swear by: 1. American […]

Best 5 unique places | study spots in Toronto – Studypal

It is always an uphill task to find yourself some solace when you live in a really huge city to begin with. Talking of Toronto, the best places to work or study here are a wonderful kaleidoscopic mix of the peaceful and the stimulating libraries and coffee shops, which are undoubtedly largely popular among people looking to escape the distractions at home or places around them. Here is a list of Best 5 Study Spots to escape to in Toronto, brought to you by experts at StudyPal.co, to make your study sessions all more fruitful: The Bagel House 1438 Yonge Street The Bagel House brings deliciously fresh Montreal-style bagels to […]

5 Secret Study Spots in Vancouver

It is a well-known fact that changing your study spot every once in a while helps promote information retention. While studying in the comfort of our homes is undoubtedly comforting; but mostly when we are outdoors; the choice of location is definitely an important aspect of a proper fruitful study experience of a good studying experience. To help our members with the scouting of study spots, we’ve scanned through the entire city of Vancouver to find the best study spots for getting the test prep done. We bring to you a list of 5 best Study Spots in Vancouver to get your studying done: The Allard Hall Building Spacious and […]

TOEFL- Tips for Acing the language of the kings

TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language is probably the most convoluted test you will take in your life; given the hugely varying test patterns and questions you have to attempt. To be prepared at your very best is the only key to a top score. Though there is nothing like “FAILING TOEFL”; it isn’t very easy to get the required score either. So, we bring to you a guide of 5 tips to obtain a great TOEFL score and help you realize the dream of studying at an English speaking University: 1. Understand what TOEFL is about It is very important to understand the format of TOEFL. […]

5 Tricks to Grace Your FRM Exam

The FRM or Financial Risk Manager exam is a professional certification examination conducted worldwide by the GARP or Global Association of Risk Professionals for risk professionals and is globally recognized. FRM consists of two paper based tests – FRM Part-1 and FRM Part-2 which need to be cleared in sequence; that is though you can appear for both the parts at one single time; the second paper will be evaluated only if you clear the first one. Held in May and November every year; this highly professional and demanding test requires great precision and practice on the part of the examinee. StudyPal brings to you 5 tricks to grace your […]

Six tips to ace your PMP exam

  The fact is that to be a Project Management Professional, you need a great deal of strategic planning and practice; both done well in advance. Just like the other examinees out there; all of us want to attempt the PMP test and grab the top scores like a pro. But, it isn’t much of a hard nut to crack; given you follow the tips religiously.   Cracking PMP is all about the way you study; and of course practicing these six hacks that will definitely help you ace your PMP exam:     1. Get yourself a great study material to refer to The thing with PMP is; the more […]


USMLE is one of those tests which make you feel like you’re running one long marathon with your destination nowhere in sight. The reason for maximum failures in USMLE is not the lack of ability in a student; but it is the lack of patience to go through all the stages with equal gusto and enthusiasm. Today, we bring to you a complete list of tips to crack USLME without actually giving up in between. Straight from our experts, here’s FIVE TIPS to ace USMLE:   Study Gradually Attempting USMLE is not one big leap but a thousand small steps. Remember, you have to begin somewhere! So, why not get […]

Barron’s LSAT and MCAT Author Jay Cutts Tips to Study- December Session

Happy December! REMEMBER: The 3 Keys to Successful Self-Prep: 1. A well-planned study schedule 2. High quality prep materials 3. Peer support (A study partner or a study group might work wonders!) If you’re still not doing well enough, look for a QUALIFIED TUTOR. THIS MONTH: Let’s take a quick look at where things stand for you! MCAT: Hopefully you took your test already. If not, you’ll need to wait another year to apply. Also, most applications were due last month or earlier. PCAT: Some schools will accept the January exam. If you haven’t scored your best, keep studying! LSAT: If you aren’t signed up for the December test and […]