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Barron’s Lead Author for LSAT and MCAT -Jay Cutt’s Gives us his secrets to Test Prep Self Study

The 3 Keys to Self-Prep Success: 1. A well-planned study schedule 2. High quality prep materials 3. Peer support If you’re still not doing well enough, look for a qualified tutor now!!! THIS MONTH: Let’s take a quick look at where things stand for you! MCAT: Hopefully you took your test already. If not, you’ll need to wait another year to apply. This month you need to complete all of your other application materials. PCAT: Some schools will accept the January exam. If you haven’t scored your best, keep studying! LSAT: Most schools require an official score no later than the December test. However, it’s to your advantage to also […]

Our Studyguru of the Month for the PMP

Introducing Dan Ryan Dan Ryan, our StudyGuru is a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P) providing PMP Exam training including the mandatory PMI 35 contact hour requirement required to sit for the PMP exam. Besides studying with him gives you the license to access the most realistic PMP Exam test simulators on the market today which prepares the you as a student for the real testing situation besides providing detailed reporting and metrics on scoring, allowing the you to track improvements while sharing results with your tutor. There is provision for PMP Exam tutoring and coaching (1:1 or small group) assessing students’ needs, customizing individual training plans and meeting weekly with […]

Secret Study Tips to Score High in Exams | Secret of Successful Students

Secret Study Tips to Score High in Exams So, next time you come across that guy with 750+ GMAT score or that under 100 IIT-JEE ranking, you need not fret! We, at StudyPal, after talking to hundreds of successful candidates have decided to frame the secret guide to phenomenal success exclusively for our users. We bring to you the secrets of High Scores; a five point guide to score three times your current score and that too without putting in extra effort. Have a look at our 5 secrets to Higher Test Scores: Sleep Image By PlayTheTunes, Source: Even though your mom might be calling you lazy bums thanks […]

Study Spots in Boston

It is not easy to find yourself a place to dig into your books. And the gravity of the situation multiplies itself when it comes down to studying for tests or any competitive exam. Exploration is the key when you need to find your very own cozy hole to study. StudyPal does the scouting part for you and brings to you a list of 5 best places to study on your own in Boston: The Federick S.P. Management Library Located inside the School Of Management, this happens to be one of those rare places in Boston that is eerily dead silent. Private cubicles with charging points for your laptop are […]

Study Spots In Bangalore

It is a unique experience to live in a city; with all its fast paced lifestyle and unending rush. But, Bangalore is one of those amiable cities with widespread lawns and lovely weather that wins your heart over and over again. Test prep in itself requires a lot of attention and you need to simply shut out the noises while you concentrate on your studies. In a city like Bangalore, with students and IT professionals thronging every inch of the city, it is always a delight to walk into someplace serene and find your own cozy study spot. But, in case you are too lazy to do the scouting; we […]

Group Study helped me crack JEE: Tips from an IITian

“Group Study helped me ace JEE”- IIT Kanpur student writes how having study partners made IIT a lot easier target. A student of the Department of Mathematics at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Gorank Dudeja writes why group study has been a boon to him while preparing for his IIT entrance. Hi, friends! I am Gorank Dudeja, a student at IIT Kanpur studying B.Sc. in Mathematics. IIT-JEE is perhaps one of the toughest exams in the world, not only in India. So naturally, the preparation for the examination had to start early, and it was as early as the standard 9th (four years before the actual exam) that […]

Six secrets about early morning studying that will definitely make you change the way you study forever

“Burning the mid night oil” has so long been a cliché that whenever it comes to serious studying, we end up imagining strained sleepless nights of study; aided by an excessive overdose of caffeine. Admit it, at some point or the other in your life, you have stayed up late; just to put an impression that you are working hard. But, as far as the productivity levels are concerned; trust us; you have been doing it wrong all these years. Scientifically speaking; early morning studies are not only more productive but also enhances the brain capacity. Here are six secrets about early morning studying that will definitely make you change […]

4 secret drinks that work wonders for your brain –


Brain Booster Drinks A sleepless night with a cup of coffee is perhaps what study sessions are all about to many. But, there are a hoard of such drinks which lay their claim to brain enhancing capacities. We bring to you a list of such drinks which are popular brain boosters along with their pros and cons: 1. Tea Perhaps the oldest of the brain enhancers; tea comes in varieties and aromas known to have curing and soothing properties.Antioxidants help flush out your toxins and keeps you emotionally healthy. But, excess of tea is known to make you hyperactive and may cause indigestion in many cases. Stiffening of arteries in […]

Six mobile apps that can help you utilise your time for your test prep

Time management is essential to anybody who is into serious test prep. All competitive exams come with the challenge of effective study methods and time management; failing which, success is merely a far fetched idea. Technology comes to our rescue when it comes to time management; with a vast range of apps to our aid. To cut your search short, we bring to you a list of six mobile apps that can help you utilise your time for your test prep in the best possible way: 1. Rescue Time If you’re one of those lazy bones who spend a few longer minutes on each task daily only to end up […]

7 tech savvy ways to do your studying

Studying is not about digging into your books anymore. With the advent of the smart phones and high speed internet; the way we study has undergone a sea change. We bring to you a list of the major technologies that have changed the way the world studies forever. Here is a list of 7 tech savvy ways to do your studying : 1. Wikipedia Of all things that internet brought to our homes; Wikipedia has to be among those which became absolute lifesavers. It has been the savior of endless last minute assignments to those never ending project write-ups. The source of all the information you could possibly need for […]