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Six mobile apps that can help you utilise your time for your test prep

Time management is essential to anybody who is into serious test prep. All competitive exams come with the challenge of effective study methods and time management; failing which, success is merely a far fetched idea. Technology comes to our rescue when it comes to time management; with a vast range of apps to our aid. To cut your search short, we bring to you a list of six mobile apps that can help you utilise your time for your test prep in the best possible way: 1. Rescue Time If you’re one of those lazy bones who spend a few longer minutes on each task daily only to end up […]

7 tech savvy ways to do your studying

Studying is not about digging into your books anymore. With the advent of the smart phones and high speed internet; the way we study has undergone a sea change. We bring to you a list of the major technologies that have changed the way the world studies forever. Here is a list of 7 tech savvy ways to do your studying : 1. Wikipedia Of all things that internet brought to our homes; Wikipedia has to be among those which became absolute lifesavers. It has been the savior of endless last minute assignments to those never ending project write-ups. The source of all the information you could possibly need for […]

6 ways to use your leisure time while studying

Today’s fast paced life has made time a priceless commodity. It is difficult to be a good time manager and when it comes to studying, time management is the perhaps the utmost concern. To be able to effectively attempt your studies and ace all your tests, it is important that you utilize your leisure time effectively. We bring to you 6 ways to use your leisure time effectively while studying : 1. Do early morning studying The perks of waking at the crack of the dawn and getting to study range from a better understanding of concepts to better recalling power of facts. But, there is an additional advantage that […]

8 hacks that can help you study smarter

It is human nature to strive for excellence in whatever we pursue. Studying is just one of them. Be it your regular exams or the coveted tests you want to ace; there is always an unavoidable pressure to excel. With your mind giving away to your hectic schedule or the plain silence of your boredom; you need to have some way to figure out what works for you. Diverting your energies in a positive direction helps a lot and when it comes to studying there are a whole lot of things that can help you improve your performance. We bring to you 8 hacks that can help you study smarter: […]

7 food items that help you study and get better grades

They say, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body!” And for a healthy body; it is important to focus on correct lifestyle and feeding habits. If you are busy looking for ways to improve your grades; increasing your mental alertness is always a priority. And it is a truth that eating certain food items can help you improve your focus, retention capacity and mental sharpness. We bring to you a list of 7 food items that can help you study and get better grades: 1.Fish The high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids in most varieties makes fish an ideal food to score better grades. These fatty acids are very […]

The 5 best places to buy glasses

There used to be a time when people used to be ashamed of wearing glasses and the poor bespectacled guy used to be the butt of all the jokes. But, times have changed and geek is the new in. From sports celebrities to famous actors, all are donning the geeky look and rocking it. So, next time you dig into your books at the local coffee shop; boost up your style quotient by donning a pair of glasses. We bring to you a list of best 5 places to buy glasses from to look cool while studying: 1. Warby Parker Apart from the huge range of glasses it offers; Warby […]

5 best study spots in Houston

It is never an easy task to find a peaceful place to delve into your books. You might have a room to yourself but there is no escape from the constant disturbance from roommates to parents to just plain boredom. So, we did the scouting for you and figured out the best places to study out in your city. Here presenting a list of 5 best study spots to do your test prep in Houston. 1. House of pies There are hundreds of students in and around the city who swear by this hangout. Delicious food and long tables for group study sessions make it a perfect study spot. Though […]

San Francisco’s 5 secret study spots nobody will tell you about

It is a unique experience to live in a city; with all its fast paced lifestyle and unending rush. But, every once in a while we all yearn for some solitude and when it comes to finding a place to study for tests, it becomes a real tricky situation. Test prep in itself requires a lot of attention and you need to simply shut out the noises while you concentrate on your studies. We did the scouting for you and made a list of hideouts to escape to when you want to do some serious test prep. Here presenting a list of San Francisco’s 5 secret study spots nobody will […]

5 places to study in Washington DC

Whenever we talk of Washington DC; the vivid picture of the white house pops in our head and all other aspects take a backseat. But, a city can never be defined by the buildings in it. The culture, the lifestyle and the small coffee shops by the road breathe in life in any city. Studying for exams are always a hard nut to crack; especially when you live in one of the largest metropolitan of the world. Exploration is something which demands patience and lots of time; but with exams looming overhead it becomes a real challenging task to find solace while studying. StudyPal brings to you a list of […]

6 places to study in Chicago

Living in a city has its share of perks. You have access to fast paced lifestyle and the entire hustle bustle, but sometimes it gets difficult when you want some solitary time to yourself. Preparation for competitive entrance examinations do are a big deal, and today we bring to you an insight on secret study spots in Chicago where you can absolutely indulge yourself with a date with your books. We bring to you 6 spots to study in Chicago: 1.McKinley Park Lagoon 69 acre park, peaceful surroundings, a lagoon – you name it and there it is! Located in the southwest of the city, this park was originally supposed […]